Tray Sealer Machines

Our Tray Sealer Machines provide the best solutions for sealing with its' capability of the high efficient and quick sealing process. You can provide longer expiration date for products with this sealing process. This process may be done with or without vacuuming. We offer machines that have a vacuuming system.

Also, according to your size of production or other reasons, you can choose automatic or manual tray sealer for your meat plant. We can help you with choosing machines that suitable for your productions.


We designed various machines to handle different sized plates and different materials with high-efficiency. We can adjust the machine properties according to your demand. Also, besides our existing models, we can design and manufacture new machines with different properties for different types of sealing processes that you need in your meat plant. Please get in touch with us for detailed information.

ATS-Saturn-BG ATS-Series Automatic Tray Sealer Machine

ATS-Series Automatic Tray Sealer

ATS-Series Automatic Tray Sealer provides efficient and quick tray sealing for small or larger plants. We use special materials to prevent films from sticking to the sealer part. Besides machines, also we can provide plates and sealing films.

MTS-28 MTS-Series Manuel Tray Sealer

MTS-Series Manual Tray Sealer

MTS-Series Manual Tray Sealer products our solutions for manually operated tray sealing operations. All Manual tray sealers have a heat controller. You can complete one sealing operation in 4 seconds.

Tray Sealer Machines help you to keep your product fresh and hygienic for long durations.