HSF-Series Hydraulic Sausage Filler

HSF-Series Hydraulic Sausage Filler machines specially designed for filling operations. We manufactured with 304 stainless steel and in line with CE directives. With the internal hydraulic system, it can easily be used. It is easy-to-clean. It also, capable to communicate with other products with communication cable support.


HSF-Series Properties


We add a digital controller to provide easy usage.

Optional Vacuum

With the optional vacuum system, you can reach higher quality on your meat production processes with our filling machines.

Quick Process

Our machines quickly handle all filling processes.

HSF-Series Models

We listed our HSF-Series Models below. Please get in touch with us for any details that you need.

HSF-40 Hydraulic Sausage Filler Machine

Our HSF-40 machine has 2.2kW engine power. It can be used with our meatball forming machine. It has a capacity of 40 lt. It works with 380 V three-phase (Industrial) electricity. We add a thermostat for protecting the motor.



HSF-500 Hydraulic Sausage Filler Machine

We specially design our HSF-500 machine for high-quality sausage and salami production. It easy-to-use with IP 54 protected touch screen. With this screen, packing settings can adjust or engine temperatures can be monitoring. It contains different options for auto, semi-automatic, manual and continuous filling. Also with the vacuum system, it provides high precision on the weights of products. We also have offer an optional feature of elevator system.


HSF-500 HSF-Series Hydraulic Sausage Filler

HSF-1000/2000 Hydraulic Sausage Filler Machine

We specially design our HSF-1000/2000 machine for high-quality sausage and salami production. Its internal sausage kit provides quick processes. Also, with the internal vacuum system, it can fill products with high precision. Besides efficient and quick production, we also think safety and add safety switch to our machines.  It comes with an elevator system.



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HSF-Series Sausage Filler helps you filling processes to produce any sized sausage.