CM-Series Clips Machines

CM-Series Clips Machines are using for the clipping process of sausage and salami. It can connect and work with our other machines. You can use it as automatic or semi-automatic. We manufacture our Automatic Clips Machine from aluminum and 304 stainless steel. Also, it is fully lined in with CE directives. All of our Automatic Clips Machine have a safety switch.

We design our machines to provide solutions for specific needs such as production aim or product sizes. But we can also manufacture machines with different properties to provide solutions to your production needs. Please contact us and let us know what is your need. We will help you gladly.


CM-Series Properties


Our CM-Series machines provide simple use with its' easy-to-use controller.

PLC Unit

You can easily control and communicate the machine with PLC Unit.

Quick Process

Our machines provide efficient production with quick processing.

CM-Series Models

We listed our CM-Series Models below. Please get in touch with us for any details that you need.

CM-34100 Clips Machine

CM-34100 automatic clips machine makes 85 clipping in one minute. You can easily and quickly attach to all automatic filling machines. It handles the clipping process up to 64 calibers. You can easily control through its’ digital controller. It has two usage options as semi-automatically and automatically. We can add a string unit on your demand.


CM-34100 CM-Series Clips Machines

Technical Details

Capacity: 3600 pieces per hour
Weight: 400 kg
Engine Power: 1,5 kW

Other Type Machines

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CM-Series Clips Machines handle all clipping processes that you need.