Other Machines

Other than cutting, mixing, and shape, there are several other processes in meat processing such as drying, boiling, or smoking. Such processes need different types of machines to handle with high-efficiency. We also provide solutions with our other products for these types of processes.

Types Of Our Other Products

We listed other meat processing machines using for various purposes in different processes. If you require, we can adjust our existing machines to make suitable for your meat plant. Or we can design and manufacture new machines according to your demand. If you can't find you what you are looking for or you have any questions about our products, please get in touch with us. We will help you gladly.

AO Series BG Automatic Ovens

AO-Series Automatic Ovens

AO-Series Automatic Ovens specially designed for sausage, salami production, and smoking meat. Our Automatic Ovens are capable to cook, boil, fry, and smoke. We can provide a different heating system based on Steam-driven, boiler driven, Resistor Driven and Cold Air System.

CM-34100 CM-Series Clips Machines

CM-Series Clips Machine

CM-Series Automatic Clips Machine using for the clipping process of sausage and salami. It can connect and work with our other products. Our automatic clips machine also contains a safety switch to prevent any unwanted dangerous situation.

We also provide Other Meat Processing Machines for your meat plants.