MFM-Series Meatball Forming Machine

We manufacture our MFM-Series Meatball Forming Machine for producing meatballs in various shapes and sizes. It made from 304 stainless steel and in line with CE directives. Also, molds produced from polyethylene material which suitable for food processing. It can work with automatic or hydraulic meat filler machines. You can produce different shapes such as  Couscous, Butcher, Inegol, Finger meatballs or any desired shape.


MFM-Series Properties

Easy-To-Use Digital Controller

We add a digital controller to our machines to provide easy usage.

Size And Shape Options

Our Forming Machines can capable to create meatballs with various sizes and shapes without the need of any additional parts.

Quick Process

Our machines quickly complete all the meatball forming processes.

MFM-Series Models

We listed our MFM-Series Models below. Please get in touch with us for any details that you need.

MFM-3000 Meatball Forming Machine

MFM-3000 Meatball Forming Machine contains 2 molds with desired weight and shape. It can produce 3240 Butcher, 6480 Inegol meatballs per hour. The machine's dumpling system is 1.5 Kw Hydro motor drive. The conveyor system of the machine is 0,18 Kw reducer motor drive.


MFM-3000 MFM-Series Meatball Forming Machine

MFM-4000 Meatball Forming Machine

MFM-4000 Meatball Forming Machine can produce 200/300 kilogram meatballs per hour.  The meatball press system of the machine is 1,5 Kw hydro motor. The conveyor system of the machine is 0,18 Kw reducer motor. The machine needs a filling machine and a 50 lt compressor for production.



MFM-5000 Meatball Forming Machine

MFM-5000 Meatball Forming Machine contains a conveyor system with a 0,12 kW reducer motor drive and a meatball system with 2.2 kW hydro motor drive. It includes 3 molds. We can use different dumplings with your request. It can produce  50,400 Butcher, and 54.000 Inegol meatballs per hour.



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MFM-Series forming machines create any size of meatball you desired.