Meat grinder is specially designed for meat mincing in the meat processing sector at the butchers, markets, hotels, and restaurants as the general use of the mincing machines produced by meat.
Our machines are made of chrome stainless steel and have various capacities, also have various properties depending on the processed meat, product type, size, and usage areas.


Our Meat Grinders are designed in various capacities depending on the product variety, dimensions and usage area.  We also can manufacture machines with different properties according to your demand.

MG-22-BG MG-Series Meat Grinders

MG-Series Meat Grinders

Our meat grinders produced from 304 stainless steel. We specially design our grinders for high efficient meat process in different workplaces such as hotels, restaurants, and butcher's shop. We offer different sizes, capacity, motor power, and feature options according to our customers’ needs.

CMG-32 CMG-Series Meat Grinders

CMG-Series Meat Grinders

Our meat grinders with the cooling system. The cooling system demountable, so in any kind of problem in the cooling system, our grinder will continue to work. Also, it can be replaced with a new one easily. We also offer a removable groove system feature as an option. With this easiness, it can easily be cleaned.

FMG-280 FMG-Series Frozen Meat Grinders

FMG-Series Meat Grinders

FMG-Series frozen meat grinders specially designed for meat grinding with shocked meats between -15° and -25°. Our frozen meat grinders contain LW brand plates and blades which produced in Germany.

MSP-300 MSP-Series Meat Grinders

MSP-Series Meat Grinders

MSP-Series meat grinders' main objective is shaping the meat with different styles. These products can shape the meat several steps to get different shapes.

You can get high-quality Meat Grinder that suitable for your production target.