Meat Cutting Machines

Meat cutting machines specially designed to make it easier and more efficient the cutting process of bone and frozen or fresh meat. All our cutting machines manufactured from 304 stainless steel. We specially design a controller to simplify usage. You can use our cutting machines easily and safely.

You can pick any of our machines or we can manufacture machines with different properties according to your demand. Please contact us for detailed information.


Our Cutting Machines have different capacities to provide the best solutions for production needs. You can dice your meat, cut meat & bones or you can slice frozen meat with our machines.

DM-120 DM-Serıes Dicing Machine

DM-Series Dicing Machine

DM-Series Dicing Machine specially designed for different needs for dicing operations on the meat industry. Any of our dicing machines can homogeneously mix spices and other gradients. All of our DM-Series machines can be manufactured with double-rev or frequency converters according to the demand.

MBB-300 MBB-Series Meat & Bone Bandsaw

MBB-Series Meat & Bone Bandsaw

MBB-Series Meat & Bone Bandsaw can handle all cutting processes with fish, chicken, meat, large vegetables or fruıits. We manufacture our MBB-Series machines from 304 stainless steel. Also, we add sawdust hooper all of our meat & bone bandsaws.

FMS-1000 FMS-Series Frozen Meat Slicer

FMS-Series Frozen Meat Slicer

FMS-Series Frozen Meat Slicer is our answer to the slicing process of frozen meat without any deformation. We use 304 stainless steel to manufacture our FMS-Series machines. All of our frozen meat slicers have a safety switch to prevent any dangerous situation.

Meat Cutting Machines helps you with any cutting processes that you planning to do in your meat plant.