Meat Processing line is one of the few brands in the world to offer solutions to the consumer in all kinds of production equipment that meat processing and integrated meat plant need. We satisfy our customers by providing high-efficient solutions from designing and installing machines to consultancy.

Our key factor to become a pioneer in the meat processing line sector is having our customer-oriented thinking, listening and realizing the needs and expectations of our customers.

As an innovative and technological company, we produce all of the machines we produce by following the latest technology and projected by our own engineers and complete as a result of our long R & D activities.


As one of the pioneer brands in the meat processing machinery sector, we ensure the establishment of their integrated facilities to meet the needs of our customers in the meat processing sector.

Meat Integrated Plant About Us



First of all, our company adopted the philosophy of customer satisfaction and we carry out all our activities in product design and application processes according to that philosophy. Expediency, safe use, durable and healthy product needs to designate our product quality. Our company is aware of the fact that the contributions and supports of all our staff are necessary for failure detection before it really occurs. Therefore, it is the principal of our company to accommodate a working environment in which our staff can be proud of.


We have consultancy service for entrepreneurs who wants to establish a business in the meat processing sector or improve their business plan. We analyze your needs and help you with choosing machines and equipment. With our services, you can quickly establish a meat processing plant. We can also help you in improving or enlarging your existing plant. Our team renews your machines or add new ones to your system according to your needs.


After design complete, the next thing is the construction of equipment. We use the best materials for high efficiency. All equipment that we manufacture fully line in with CE Directives. After your demanded equipment complete we will deliver and make the installation.


Maintenance is major factor for machine durability. We provide our customers with the best assistance and maintenance procedures.  You can always get in touch with any need for help. Also, we will provide maintenance periodically to protect your equipment and increase usage duration.  We will ensure your machines will continue to work properly during its' lifetime.


After we deliver your equipment, we will also handle each step of installation. Our team will make placements, necessary connections if machines will combine. Also, our team will help you with the usage of machine, inform you controls, parts, and other information about your equipment.

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